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Thomas FISH  

Born: JAN 1618 in Great Bowden, England
Died: DEC 1687 in Dartmouth, RI(or Portsmouth)
Buried: "Old Portsmouth Cemetery"
Children With Mary SHEARMAN, Married: 1647 in probably Portsmouth, RI
Thomas FISH Born: 1649
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 1684
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Mehitable FISH Born: ABT 1650
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Mary FISH Born: ABT 1652
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 4 APR 1747
Alice FISH Born: ABT 1655
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 1734
John FISH Born: 1657
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 4 APR 1742
Dartsmouth, MA
Daniel FISH Born: ABT 1662
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 16 SEP 1723
Robert FISH Born: ABT 1665
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 1730
Notes: Came to Portsmouth, RI from England in 1643, with a brother,John.
Thomas was the progenitor of the Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont branches of the family. His brother John settled in Connecticut. A younger brother Joseph may have been the Joseph FISH of the Great Swamp Fight, of Kingston, R.I. in 1676.Nothing further is known concerning the other sons and daughters of Robert and Alice FISH.
When he arrived in the new country, the shores of New England were sparsely settled. Dense forests filled the valleys and crowned the hilltops, and the wild beasts and the wilder savages were the inhabitants of this widely extended country.
His name is found in the "Record of Towne Meetinges of Portsmouth",
(History of Portsmouth). On Oct 5, 1643, "Land was ordered out to Thomas Fish at the first Brooke." It is believed that Thomas and John were in Portsmouth as late as 1655.

Deed made for house and land on 20 Mar. 1660. His will was dated 13 Dec, 1687 and proved 2 May, 1684(?)
Some text says he died in Portsmouth RI.

Was probablly a member of the Quaker Church, or possibly the new-formed Baptist Church of Providence, or of Newport.
Had a son a Thomas, (Father of Preserved and Mehitable), son Daniel (father of Comfort, Ruth and Thomas), daughters Mehitable (TRIPP), Mary (BRAYTON) and Alice (KNOWLES).
Family survived King Philip`s War of 1676.

Concerning his marriage to Mary, no record of date or name is found, whether in England or America. Her name may have been Mary Soule.
His will was recorded Feb. 9, 1687, and proved Dec. 13, 1687, as his death no doubt occurred in Dec. 1687. It named his wife Mary as executrix and mentions four sons, three daughters and seven grandchildren. It bequeathed to son John land bought of James Babcock.
Thomas lies buried in the old Portsmouth Cemetery.
Thomas FISH
JAN 1618 - DEC 1687
12 AUG 1593 - 20 DEC 1639
6 NOV 1597 -

Thomas FISH
15 AUG 1570 -

1555 - 19 FEB 1622
1555 - 28 APR 1630

Thomas FYSHE
ABT 1535 - 4 JAN 1570
1535 -


Augustine FYSHE
1525 - 26 AUG 1579
Henrietta FARMER
ABT 1529 - 1603




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