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Lafferty/Briggs Genealogy
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Polly GALLAE  

Born: 4 MAR 1797 in Paris, Oneida Co. NY
Died: AFT 13 JUL 1870 in Ellisburg, NY(or Bradford, McKean Co. PA)
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Eliphas LAFFERTY
Elizabeth LAFFERTY Born: 1 FEB 1817 Died: 1 FEB 1817
James LAFFERTY Born: 28 JAN 1818 Died:
William G LAFFERTY Born: 20 OCT 1819
Bradford, McKean Co. PA
Died: 4 JUL 1872
Rushford, Allegany, NY
Electa LAFFERTY Born: 25 FEB 1822
Sardenia Erie Co NY
Died: 29 OCT 1903
New Hudson, Alle Co NY
Edmund LAFFERTY Born: 29 JUL 1824
Machias, Catt. Co. NY
Died: 14 APR 1901
Rushford. Alle Co. NY
Howard P. LAFFERTY Born: 6 JAN 1827
Machias, Catt Co.
Died: 19 MAY 1898
Rushford, NY
Juliet LAFFERTY Born: 26 SEP 1829 Died:
Delilah LAFFERTY Born: 3 SEP 1831 Died:
Eliphas M LAFFERTY Born: 23 JUL 1834
Machias, Catt. Co. NY
Died: 2 JUL 1885
Machias, NY
Maria LAFFERTY Born: 7 JAN 1840 Died:
Notes: In some places, last name is spelled Gallea.
Family information gives her birthdate as 4 Mar 1797
See info on her spouse.
Her info from LDS family search service. It has not been verified.
4 MAR 1797 - AFT 13 JUL 1870
Rebecca HALL


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