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Daniel LAFFERTY,  

Born: 6 FEB 1784 in NJ
Died: 12 DEC 1856 in Machias, NY
Age: 72 years
Buried: DEC 1856 in Brewer Cemetery, Machias, NY
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Catherine SNYDER
Matilda LAFFERTY Born: 1811
Sardenia, Erie Co. NY
Died: AFT 16 FEB 1892
Great Valley, Cattaraugus, NY
Amanda LAFFERTY Born: 1812
Jackson Twp, Tioga, PA
Died: 8 MAY 1888
Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
Phoebe Boa LAFFERTY Born: 22 DEC 1816
Sardenia, Erie Co. NY or Jackson Twp, Tioga Co, PA
Died: 11 MAR 1904
Caneadea, Allegany, NY
Nancy LAFFERTY Born: 1819
Jackson Twp. Tioga Co. PA
Died: AFT JUN 1880
William R LAFFERTY Born: 1821
Concord, Niagara Co. NY
Died: BEF 1870
Machias, Cattaraugus, NY
Albert A LAFFERTY Born: JAN 1824
Sardenia, Erie Co. NY
Died: 6 OCT 1909
Dayton, Cattaraugus Co. NY
Eber LAFFERTY Born: 8 JAN 1826
Sardenia, Erie Co, NY
Died: 9 JUN 1899
New Hudson, Allegany, NY
John LAFFERTY Born: 17 NOV 1828
Sardenia, Erie Co. NY
Died: 23 APR 1904
New Hudson, Allegany, NY
Florence LAFFERTY Born: 21 SEP 1829
Sardenia, Erie Co, NY
Died: 23 DEC 1903
Appleton, Swift Co. MN
Nancy LAFFERTY Born: 1831 Died:
Daniel Wiley LAFFERTY Born: MAR 1832
Sardenia, Erie Co, NY
Died: 2 JUL 1900
Dayton, Catt. Co. NY
Emily LAFFERTY Born: MAY 1833
Sardenia Erie Co NY
Died: AUG 1915
Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY
Hiram A LAFFERTY Born: 31 AUG 1836
Sardenia, Erie Co, NY
Died: 23 AUG 1906
Springville, Erie Co. NY
Notes: One source says that he was born in New Jersey, another says VT.
1850 Census---Machias--Catt Co. NY p 524 hh1614-1625, 400 acres, age 66, farmer, b NJ

"History of Tioga Co, PA" Jackson Twp. published 1897 states that he was an early settler of Job`s Corner in Tioga Co. PA. in 1812 where John received his pension.

1810 Litchfield, Herkimer, NY Census shows a Daniel Lafferty 26-44 years (?)
1816 Jackson Twp tax roll name list shows: Daniel LAFFERTY
1820 Concord Niagara Co. census shows Daniel LAFFERTY (4 children listed)
1830 Census Sardenia Erie Co. NY shows Daniel "LATTENDAY" (7 Children listed). This census also shows living near: John LATTENDAY and James LATTENDAY.
1840 Census shows Daniel still in Sardenia (6 Children listed)

Cornell University: Making of America "History of the Original Town of Concord", being the present towns of Concord, Collins, N. Collins and Sardenia, Erie Co. NY, by Erasmus BRIGGS, Union and Advertiser Company`s Print 1883 shows 1843 Assessment Roll: Daniel LAFFERTY--Lot 33, Twp 7, Range 5; 39 acres; Tax Valuation: 234; Tax: 3.48.

While tax assessment shows Daniel still residing in Erie Co. a deed filed 28 Jun 1842 at Little Valley, Catt Co. NY, sows Daniel buying property from James Jr. and Abigail Colby. 7 Jul 1850 that land was sold at a sheriff`s sale.

27 Sep 1850 Census Machias, Catt Co. NY shows: (value of real estate--400)
1616-1625 Daniel LAFFERTY age 66 M b. NJ
Catherine age 57 F b. NY
Phebe 30 F b. NY
Wiley 19 M b. NY
Emily 17 F b. NY
Hiram 15 M b. NY

09 Jun 1855 Census Machias, Catt. Co NY shows:
Daniel LAFFERTY age 72 head. Born NJ. Married. 5 year resident. US citizen
Catherine age 62 F b. NJ (?)
Hirum 19 M b. Erie Co. NY

This census also includes living nearby: Eliphas LAFFERTY and family and Eliphas LAFFERTY, Jr. and two children

Two Quit Claim Deeds, one dated 16 Feb 1870 and one dated 07 Mar 1870 name the 12 children of Daniel LAFFERTY and Catherine
6 FEB 1784 - 12 DEC 1856
John Franklin LAFFERTY
1 JAN 1755 - AFT 1 JUN 1840
23 MAR 1763 - AFT 1830


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