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Phoebe BARTON  

Born: 23 MAR 1763 in probably NJ
Died: AFT 1830 in Sardenia, (probably) Erie Co NY
Age: 67 years
   Born    Died
Children with John Franklin LAFFERTY
James LAFFERTY Born: 23 SEP 1781
New Jersey
Died: AFT 1865
Machias, Cattaraugus, NY
Daniel LAFFERTY Born: 6 FEB 1784
Died: 12 DEC 1856
Machias, NY
Betsey LAFFERTY Born: 15 MAR 1786
NJ or NY
Hannah LAFFERTY Born: 10 JUN 1788 Died:
Amy LAFFERTY Born: 8 JUL 1790 Died:
Eliphas LAFFERTY Born: 13 OCT 1793
Died: AFT 1860
Machias, Catt. Co. NY(or Bradford, McKean Co PA)
John LAFFERTY Jr. Born: 3 FEB 1795 Died: AFT 1840
Sally LAFFERTY Born: 12 MAR 1798 Died:
Polley LAFFERTY Born: 10 APR 1799
Cherry Valley, Chau. Co NY
William R LAFFERTY Born: 22 MAY 1802 Died:
Notes: Born to Quaker parents. Records may be in Quaker Records from NJ
23 MAR 1763 - AFT 1830


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