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Lewis Benjamin FISH  

Born: 17 MAY 1807 in Cortland, NY
Died: 24 DEC 1890 in Independence, Allegany, NY
Age: 83 years
   Born    Married and Died
Children with Fannie W REMINGTON
Fanny FISH Born: ABT 1850 Died: BEF 1860
Charles FISH Born: 3 DEC 1832
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 10 DEC 1903
Belden, Cedar Co., Nebraska
Ruth Betsey FISH Born: 24 FEB 1834
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 24 APR 1884
West Union, Steuben Co. NY
Mary FISH Born: 25 JUL 1835
Canandaigua, Ontario, NY
Died: 1 APR 1889
Ceres, Allegany, NY
Reuben FISH Born: 31 MAY 1838
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 30 JAN 1910
Springboro, PA
Benjamin Franklin FISH Born: 19 MAY 1841
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 12 APR 1851
Independence, Allegany, NY
Francis Marion FISH Born: 24 JUN 1842
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 24 JAN 1921
Beldon, NE
Ransom FISH Born: 15 SEP 1843
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 31 MAY 1927
Whitesville, Allegany, NY
Annett FISH Born: 21 JAN 1845
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 4 JAN 1902
Willing, Allegany, NY
Edson D FISH Born: 20 AUG 1847
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 24 JAN 1922
Orting, Pierce Co. WA
Phidella FISH Born: 15 DEC 1848
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 16 OCT 1905
Kalamazoo, MI
Lydia A. FISH Born: 25 MAY 1850
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 10 APR 1859
Independence, Allegany, NY
Benjamin Franklin FISH Born: 19 MAY 1852
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 2 FEB 1930
Willing, Allegany, NY
Minerva FISH Born: 12 MAY 1857
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 11 DEC 1925
Buffalo, Erie, NY
Notes: I have put in some pictures of FISH men whose relationship I do not
know. I "assume" that Seneca (with wife Polly) is a brother of Lewis
B. My mother spoke of Uncle Seneky and Aunt Polliky, as she called
them when she was a child. "Uncle Elias" may have been "Eliphaz", who
was known to be a brother of Lewis B. "Aunt Ann" and "Uncle Allen"
GIFFORD ?? could have been a sister of Lewis B. These pictures are in
the FISH photo album.

Lewis B. fathered 15 children, and was a carpenter all his life. All
the children were born in Independence, Allegany, NY except Maria, born in
Canandaigua, NY.

In the 1850 Alle. Co Census, one daughter is listed as Mariah, age 5,
and as Annett in the 1865 Alle Co census. The name of one child is
missing. Dates are from a family record kept by Minerva.
Lewis B. enlisted in the Civil War, having lied about his age (he was
too old to serve legally) but he did not serve on active duty.
However, he is buried in a grave marked with a Civil War marker.
Francis Marion and Ransom were also enlisted men in that war.
Some records are from the 1895 Allegany Co. Centennial History.
Others are from family records.

His application for pension states that he was in Co. G, 52nd Reg. NY State Volunteers. He did not know, at that time, the date of his enrollment, but was honorably discharged from the Harwood hospital near Washington, DC in the spring of 1865. He had lost his discharge certificate.

He signed the papers with an "x", so apparently was illiterate. Copy of his discharge papers are in the top drawer of my translucent file cabinet.

Elias Fish reported in the 1860 (or 1870) census that his mother was born in RI
Lewis Benjamin FISH
17 MAY 1807 - 24 DEC 1890
BEF 1770 -

Eliphas FISH
9 NOV 1735 - 13 JAN 1805
Joanna CASE

14 JAN 1707 - 1741
Remember YOUIN
1707 -


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