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Lafferty/Briggs Genealogy
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Edson D FISH  

Born: 20 AUG 1847 in Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 24 JAN 1922 in Orting, Pierce Co. WA
   Born and Married    Died
Child withLilly M. AFT
Emma I. FISH Born: 10 FEB 1884
Died: JUN 1980
Orting, Pierce Co. WA
Child withFlora A. FORSYTHE
Charles Bert FISH Born:
Independence, Alle. Co NY
Notes: Enlisted in the Civil War as a Private on May 23, 1863. His military record states that his age was 18, but according to his family and census records, he was 15 and would turn 16 in three months. He enlisted in Co. D. 13th Heavy Artillery Regiment, NY and later transferred to Co. L, 6th Heavy Artillery Regiment, NY.

(My grandmother, Minnie FRAIR, often told that her father was too old to enlist, but lied about his age, and was in the War, and that one of her brothers was too young, but also lied about his age to go. This must have been the brother!)

There was an Edson FISH in Washington Co, MN in 1880, single, age 28, working as a farm hand. He and his parents were born in NY. This could be the son of Lewis, however, he would have been 32 years old.

December 20, 1887, he purchased 165 acres of land in Cass Co. ND.

In 1891, he applied for his Civil War pension in MN.

In 1922, his wife Lillie applied for a widow`s pension in WI.

Residence: 1920, Orting, Pierce,

Edson D FISH
20 AUG 1847 - 24 JAN 1922
Lewis Benjamin FISH
17 MAY 1807 - 24 DEC 1890
1 OCT 1812 - 7 NOV 1881

BEF 1770 -

Joseph Nichols REMINGTON
4 JAN 1764 - 23 JUL 1845
6 AUG 1769 - AFT 1840

Eliphas FISH
9 NOV 1735 - 13 JAN 1805
Joanna CASE

16 JUN 1732 -
Freelove UNK
Richard BRIGGS
26 NOV 1737 - 6 APR 1788
ABT 1737 -


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