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Reuben FISH  

Born: 31 MAY 1838 in Independence, Allegany, NY
Occupation: Carpenter
Died: 30 JAN 1910 in Springboro, PA
Age: 71 years
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Alma Christina WHEATON
Mary E FISH Born: 12 NOV 1862
Shongo, Alle Co NY
Died: AFT 1933
Arthur L FISH Born: 22 AUG 1865
Willing Twp. Alle. Co NY
Died: 19 NOV 1933
Wellsville, Allegany, NY
Guy C FISH Born: 26 OCT 1868
Shongo, Alle Co NY
Died: BEF 1933
Children with Flora Belle KINNEY
Martin Grover FISH Born: 27 MAR 1884
Springboro, Crawford Co. PA
Died: 3 DEC 1942
Cresson, PA
Flora May FISH Born: 6 MAY 1894 Died: AFT 6 MAY 1988
Notes: Veteran of Civil War, 136th NY Infantry. Enlisted as a Private in Willing, Allegany, NY on Aug 11, 1862 at the age of 24. Mustered in on Sep 26 in Portage, joining Co. A, 136th Infantry Regiment, NY
Served from 11 Aug 1862 to 15 Jan 1863. Discharge in Baltimore, MD due to loss of right index finger. Injured while on picket duty in Fairfax Court House, VA, on or about the 20th day of Oct 1862. Record also states that he also suffered from sore ankles and erysipelas, chronic diarrhea and dyspepsia. (Very believable, considering the conditions under which those soldiers lived.)
He received a disability discharge.
Lived in Shongo, NY until 1877.
Was a carpenter in Springboro, Crawford Co. PA

Record from Bob Aho states that he was divorced from his first wife, Alma WHEATON, at Rugby, TN in the winter of 1880-81, married Flora Kinney in 1882. She died in 1894.
Record also states that he was married for the third time in14 Oct 1897 in Beaver, PA, "but the lady was the wife of another man, and I did not know at the time.". (At least, he may have been honest!)

His obituary states "A telegram was received here, Saturday, announcing the death of Reuben FISH at Springboro, PA. Mr. Fish was born here, May 31, 1838, being the son of Lewis B. Fish and his wife. A number of his years of life were spent in Shongo and from there he went to Springboro, PA. He was a soldier in the Civil War, having enlisted in 1862 in the 136th N. Y. Infantry. He is survived by a daughter, three sons and several brothers, one of whom is Ransom Fish of this place.

Following is copied from Co. A, 146th Infantry reunion, which Bob Aho attended in August, 2007.
Reuben Fish shot his finger off in the joint. He is doing well. You spoke of desertion in this company. There are two,Charles Harmon and H. Churchill. They were both from Cuba and Harmon was a sergeant and Churchill a corporal. They went while we were at Portage and after they had gotten their bounty, but I guess there has been nothing done towards getting them. One of them had $20 of A. Mead with which to buy a revolver, but Mead never received it.

Reuben FISH
31 MAY 1838 - 30 JAN 1910
Lewis Benjamin FISH
17 MAY 1807 - 24 DEC 1890
1 OCT 1812 - 7 NOV 1881

BEF 1770 -

Joseph Nichols REMINGTON
4 JAN 1764 - 23 JUL 1845
6 AUG 1769 - AFT 1840

Eliphas FISH
9 NOV 1735 - 13 JAN 1805
Joanna CASE

16 JUN 1732 -
Freelove UNK
Richard BRIGGS
26 NOV 1737 - 6 APR 1788
ABT 1737 -


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