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Lafferty/Briggs Genealogy
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Elizabeth BRIGGS  

Born: 25 JUL 1848 in Port Gibson, NY
Died: 30 AUG 1933 in Kerby, Josephine Co OR
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Children with Isaac THOMPSON
Rouetta A. THOMPSON Born: 19 AUG 1870
Waldo, OR
Died: 7 OCT 1895
Carrie THOMPSON Born: 27 JUN 1872
Waldo, Josephine Co
Died: 30 AUG 1874
Waldo, Josephine Co OR
Isaac Gifford THOMPSON Born: 10 MAY 1874
Waldo, Josephine Co. OR
Died: 6 SEP 1874
Waldo, Josephine Co OR
Elizabeth Daisy THOMPSON Born: 19 OCT 1875
Waldo, Josephine Co. OR
Died: 1928
Kerby, Josephine Co. OR
Frank Edwin THOMPSON Born: 31 JAN 1880
Napa City, CA
Died: 1926
Kerby, Josephine Co, OR
Florence Ethel THOMPSON Born: 12 DEC 1881
Napa City, CA
Died: 17 DEC 1955
Palo Alto, CA
Notes: Elizabeth: Information from Glen O. Briggs states that Elizabeth was about six years old when she, her mother, her grandmother and siblings went West. They went by ship to Panama. and north to Crescent City in California. George E had written a letter, telling them not to come for another year, but they had left before they received the letter. I don`t know when George Edwin went. She was the last child to be born in NY; the younger ones were born in Kerby, OR.
Elizabeth BRIGGS
25 JUL 1848 - 30 AUG 1933
George Edwin BRIGGS
24 MAY 1816 - 17 JUN 1881
Caroline WHALING
11 OCT 1818 - 11 JUN 1897

1790 - 9 SEP 1839
1 OCT 1791 - 26 SEP 1871

William BRIGGS
1765 -
Elizabeth BONE


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