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Born: 1 OCT 1791 in Tioga Point, now called Athens, Bradford, PA
Died: 26 SEP 1871 in Kerby, Josephine Co, OR
Age: 79 years
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Child withDavid BRIGGS
George Edwin BRIGGS Born: 24 MAY 1816
Athens, Bradford, PA
Died: 17 JUN 1881
Kirby, Josephine Co. OR
Notes: Did not remarry after David died. Lived with her family, and moved with them from Athens PA to Ontario County Co, NY wheare they had some land and othre fanly lived. When her son George E. decided 6to move to Oregon, she decided to go with his wife Caroline and the four children. George E. went west first in about 1850. The family followed in 1852-53 and finally settled in Waldo, Josephine Co., OR. George E. and a partner had a packing company that carried goods betwaeen California and Oregon.

Lyvia died in Kerby Jesephine Co, and is buried in the Laurel Cemetery where lots of the Briggs and other relatives are buried.

Information from Michael and Elizabeth Werner
1 OCT 1791 - 26 SEP 1871


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