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David BRIGGS  

Born: 1790 in Schoharie NY
Died: 9 SEP 1839 in Port Gibson, NY
Age: 49 years
   Born    Married    Died
Child withLyvia STEPHENS
George Edwin BRIGGS Born: 24 MAY 1816
Athens, Bradford, PA
Died: 17 JUN 1881
Kirby, Josephine Co. OR
Notes: All information on descendants of David BRIGGS and their families sent to me by Glen Owen Briggs , and Michael and Elizabeth WERNER

When Glen Briggs visited Ontario County, NY he took a picture of the David Briggs grave. He visited the East Palmyra Cemetery and found that the county had taken over the cemetery of the East Palmyra Presbyterian Chudrch. A cemetery record book listed David Briggs` grave, while the county did not have a listing. After Glen located David Briggs` grave he ordered a new gravestone, and took a picture of the old one.
1790 - 9 SEP 1839
William BRIGGS
1765 -
Elizabeth BONE

22 JUN 1737 - 1798
1738 - 1812


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