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Mercy ESTES  

Born: 1738
Died: 1812
Children with Job BRIGGS
Mary BRIGGS Born: 1772 Died: 1844
William BRIGGS Born: 1765 Died:
Nelson BRIGGS Born: Died:
Catherine BRIGGS Born: 1768 Died:
Oliver BRIGGS Born: 1770 Died: 1843
Joseph BRIGGS Born: 1774 Died:
Job BRIGGS Jr. Born: 1777 Died: ABT 1881
Mercy BRIGGS Born: 1777 Died:
Robert BRIGGS Born: 1778 Died:
Jeremiah BRIGGS Born: 25 FEB 1783
Duanesburg, NY
Richard BRIGGS Born: 1785 Died:
Weston BRIGGS Born: Died:

1738 - 1812


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