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Lafferty/Briggs Genealogy
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William Earl BRIGGS  

Born: 22 SEP 1889 in Kearney, NE
Occupation: Finisher at Drake Manufacturing (stove mfg), Friendship, Allegany, NY
Died: 11 DEC 1971 in Tucson, Pima Co. AZ
Buried: DEC 1971 in West Genesee Cem. Obi, NY
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Child withMabel Eloise FRAIR
Eloise Marie BRIGGS Born: 1 JUN 1924
Cuba, Allegany, NY
Died: 3 FEB 2017
Mesa, Maricopa Co, AZ
Notes: I found an article in an old Friendship paper, dated 27 Apr. 1916, which read: "B.F. Drake has bought Friendship Foundry of Hart and Stroyni which will be run in connection with the engine works and it`s expected that they will produce many of the castings used. Mr. Stroyni will continue to work with Mr. Drake."
My dad worked in that foundry from about 1927, until he retired in the 1950`s. I always heard of Ed Striney (I supposed it was spelled), and thought that he was one of the workers there. I never knew that he was a former owner.
This doesn`t mention the fact that they made the Empire Range, a combination coal and wood cook stove which every kitchen needed, and of course, the best one made! I saw one still in use in the 1970`s.
William Earl BRIGGS
22 SEP 1889 - 11 DEC 1971
Albert Marvin BRIGGS
28 NOV 1863 - 12 JAN 1949
10 OCT 1863 - 2 NOV 1938

17 SEP 1819 - 17 JAN 1885
Phebe Ann DUNBAR
23 DEC 1825 - 2 MAR 1874
21 APR 1828 - 1911
25 APR 1831 - MAY 1899

1793 - 6 NOV 1846
Orril UNK
23 JUN 1789 - BEF 1860
Phebe PEET
ABT 1790 - 2 MAR 1874

ABT 1803 - 26 NOV 1875
Elizabeth HONEY
ABT 1809 - 19 JUL 1885


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