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Elizabeth HONEY  

Born: ABT 1809 in Pancrasweek, Devon, England
Died: 19 JUL 1885 in Hume, NY
Age: 76 years
   Born and Married    Died
Children with Thomas GLYDDON
John Honey GLIDDON Born: ABT 1828 Died: 23 FEB 1903
Holsworthy "Worf", Devon, England
William GLIDDON Born: Died:
Mary Ann GLIDDON Born: 1826
Pancrasweek, Devon England
Died: 7 JUL 1916
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Harriet GLIDDON Born: 25 APR 1831
Pancrasweek, Devon, England
Died: MAY 1899
Bur. East Koy, Wyoming Co. NY
Grace GLIDDON Born: 1833
Pancrasweek, Devon, England
Died: 14 MAR 1916
Wiscoy, NY
Jane GLIDDON Born: 16 APR 1837
Pancrasweek, Devon, England
Died: 27 OCT 1904
Fillmore, Allegany, NY
Notes: Name listed in Hume, Alle Co. NY on daughter Jane`s record.
Marriage record found in Pancrasweek Devon on Pancrasweek microfiche
MF 5 at the Devon "Record Office (DRO) in Exeter.
Elizabeth was able to sign her name, but Thomas was not--he just made his mark in the register.
In the baptism records of William and Jane, the family address is shown as living in Kingford Lane, Pancrasweek. Before that, where they lived in the parish is not specified.

Elizabeth HONEY
ABT 1809 - 19 JUL 1885
1789 - AFT 1851
- BEF 1851


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