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NameDate Of BirthPlace Of BirthDate Of Death
UBK, Deanna?
UNK, Abigail
UNK, Ada ABT 1806NY
UNK, Ada G.
UNK, Agnes
UNK, Agnes ABT 1530England
UNK, Agnes 1513Tendring, Essex, England JUL 1578
UNK, Alice
UNK, Alice 1452England
UNK, Alice 1505Barton St. David, Somerset, England 1572
UNK, Allis ABT 1520AFT 1554
UNK, Almira 13 FEB 1828Catt. Co. NY 19 JAN 1880
UNK, Amelia
UNK, Amy
UNK, Amy Lynn 14 MAY 1973
UNK, Anna O 1900NY
UNK, Anne
UNK, Anne BEF 1688
UNK, Annette
UNK, Annis (Agnes) 1575Titchfield, Hampshire, England AFT JUN 1623
UNK, Anstice
UNK, Ashley
UNK, Barbara
UNK, Barbara
UNK, Barbara
UNK, Barbara
UNK, Bertha 1901PA
UNK, Bertha 1878MI
UNK, Bertha B
UNK, Betsy ABT 1826
UNK, Beverly
UNK, Beverly
UNK, Brandy
UNK, Bridgette
UNK, Carol
UNK, Caroline
UNK, Catherine
UNK, Cathy Canada
UNK, Cecile 1896NY
UNK, Cecilia 1854NY
UNK, Cecily 1380
UNK, Celestina BEF 1910
UNK, Celia
UNK, Char
UNK, Charlene
UNK, Charles
UNK, Chloe
UNK, Chris
UNK, Chris
UNK, Chris
UNK, Christian
UNK, Christine
UNK, Cindy
UNK, Cindy
UNK, Claire
UNK, Clara A 1903NY
UNK, Clara B 2 JUN 1893PA APR 1973
UNK, Clara Belle NOV 1875NY 1961
UNK, Connie
UNK, Content
UNK, Coralie
UNK, Cynthia
UNK, Dan
UNK, Deb
UNK, Debbie
UNK, Deborah
UNK, Debra
UNK, Della Mae 17 JAN 1928NE 9 MAY 2001
UNK, Dennis 1692
UNK, Diane M
UNK, Douglas
UNK, Dustin
UNK, Dwight
UNK, Edith Blanche
UNK, Edna
UNK, Edwina
UNK, Eleanor Little Compton, RI 2 MAY 1737
UNK, Eleanor
UNK, Eleanor
UNK, Eliza
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth ABT 1605England OCT 1657
UNK, Elizabeth 1599England 17 JUL 1660
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth
UNK, Elizabeth (Betsy) 1610Titchfield, Hampshire, England
UNK, Ella A 1859
UNK, Ellen
UNK, Elsie 1885MO
UNK, Elvira (or Alvira) 1824Catt Co NY 3 FEB 1892
UNK, Emeline ABT 1855NY
UNK, Erdena
UNK, Ester A 1850ME
UNK, Esther
UNK, Etta ABT 1885PA
UNK, Eunice
UNK, Experience
UNK, Experience
UNK, Experience
UNK, Frances 1858PA 12 JUL 1896
UNK, Freelove
UNK, George
UNK, Gloria
UNK, Grace
UNK, Grace E 22 JUL 1895NY JUN 1979
UNK, Hannah
UNK, Hannah
UNK, Hannah 6 MAR 1823
UNK, Hannah
UNK, Hannah C. SEP 1827MA
UNK, Harriet A. FEB 1821NY
UNK, Hattie 1862
UNK, Hattie G. 1891NY
UNK, Hazel I. 25 JAN 190818 NOV 1966
UNK, Helen NOV 1881NE
UNK, Helen
UNK, Hope
UNK, Hope
UNK, Ida
UNK, Iva ABT 1889IN
UNK, Jacqueline
UNK, Jane ABT 1642Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
UNK, Jane A.
UNK, Janette B 1897NY
UNK, Janice
UNK, Janice
UNK, Jennie 1898NY
UNK, Jennie
UNK, Jerusha ABT 1804MA 2 SEP 1872
UNK, Jerusha
UNK, Jerusha
UNK, Joan
UNK, Joan ABT 1465Yorkshire, England
UNK, Joan
UNK, Joan
UNK, Joann
UNK, Joanna
UNK, Joanna
UNK, Johanna ABT 1520Ugborough, Devonshire, England
UNK, Joyce
UNK, Judy
UNK, Judy
UNK, Julie A. MAR 1879PA
UNK, June
UNK, June
UNK, Kate
UNK, Katherine
UNK, Kathie
UNK, Kathy
UNK, Kay
UNK, Kerry
UNK, LaRue S 1899PA
UNK, Leonora
UNK, Levica 1815Vancouver, Canada 15 MAR 1872
UNK, Lilly M. ABT 1862WI
UNK, Linda
UNK, Linda Bridgett
UNK, Louanne
UNK, Louisa 1832MI AUG 1910
UNK, Lucinda
UNK, Lucy
UNK, Lucy ABT 1800CT
UNK, Lucy
UNK, Lucy
UNK, Lydia
UNK, Lydia 1727
UNK, Mabel 1887OH/WI
UNK, Mabilla 1340Brockley, Suffolk, England 1366
UNK, Madeline 1896NY
UNK, Maisey
UNK, Margaret
UNK, Margaret ABT 1550Ugborough, Devonshire, England
UNK, Margaret 17851889
UNK, Margaret
UNK, Margaret
UNK, Margie
UNK, Marie
UNK, Marilyn
UNK, Marilyn
UNK, Marion L 1927
UNK, Marsha
UNK, Martha
UNK, Martha NY
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary 1636Framingham, Middlesex, MA
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary
UNK, Mary (Polly) 11 SEP 1873
UNK, Mary Bea 2 MAR 1947
UNK, Mary E
UNK, Mary E. 1867NE
UNK, Mary J MAY 1842NY
UNK, Mary Lou
UNK, Mary R
UNK, Mary V. ABT 1878PA
UNK, Matilda ABT 1814New York
UNK, Mattie
UNK, Maud 1882PA
UNK, Mayme ABT 1876
UNK, Melissa
UNK, Merna 1996
UNK, Mildred ABT 1878NY
UNK, Mildred
UNK, Mildred L. 29 NOV 189412 MAY 1975
UNK, Minnie
UNK, Minnie
UNK, Myrtle B.
UNK, Nancy
UNK, Natalie Ann 190619 FEB 1992
UNK, Nettie L OCT 1871IN
UNK, Nora M 1908PA
UNK, Norma
UNK, Olivia
UNK, Ora
UNK, Orril
UNK, Pamela
UNK, Patience 1789
UNK, Patricia
UNK, Paula
UNK, Pauline
UNK, Pearl M 1876NY
UNK, Phebe
UNK, Polly
UNK, Prudence East Greenwich, Kent, RI 1805
UNK, Rachel
UNK, Rachel
UNK, Rachel ABT 1816
UNK, Rebecca
UNK, Rebecca ABT 1830PA AFT 1880
UNK, Renewed
UNK, Rhoda
UNK, Rhoda
UNK, Rita
UNK, Rose
UNK, Rose 1887WV
UNK, Rose 10 NOV 1700
UNK, Rose 1536Barton St. David, Somerset, England
UNK, Rose
UNK, Rosella
UNK, Ruth
UNK, Sally
UNK, Samantha Caroline OCT 1846OH BEF 1920
UNK, Sandra
UNK, Sandy
UNK, Sarah 1579Hampton Rockingham, NH 1639
UNK, Sarah 1841NY AFT 10 APR 1910
UNK, Sarah AFT 1746
UNK, Sarah 18 FEB 1870NY DEC 1967
UNK, Sarah
UNK, Sarah
UNK, Sarah
UNK, Sarah E.
UNK, Sarah P 1830NY
UNK, Sheila
UNK, Shirley
UNK, Shirley
UNK, Sibella 1418Brockley, Suffolk, England 1459
UNK, Sophrona 1851PA
UNK, Susan
UNK, Susanna
UNK, Susannah
UNK, Thedra
UNK, Theresa
UNK, Thomasin 1670
UNK, Unk ABT 1549England
UNK, Unk ABT 1427Redenhall, Norfolk, England
UNK, Unk ABT 1487Redenhall, Norfolk, England
UNK, Vernin
UNK, Vicky
UNK, Virginia
UNK, Wanda
UNK, Wilma I. 13 FEB 19021 SEP 1971
UNK, Winifred England
UNK, Winnifred 1877US
UNK., Elizabeth
UNL, Margaret
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