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Laura Mildred AUSTIN  

Born: APR 1900 in Hebron, Potter Co, PA
Died: 4 FEB 1972 in Allegany, McKean Co, PA
Children With Norman Delmar SAWYER
Martin Selic SAWYER Born: 24 SEP 1922
Wrights, McKean, PA
Died: 22 OCT 2008
Smithport, McKean, PA
Arthur William SAWYER Born: 5 AUG 1924
Liberty, McKean, PA
Died: 20 AUG 1999
Zephyrhills, Pasco, FL
Living SAWYER Born:
Raymond Austin SAWYER Born: 20 JUL 1928
Port Allegany, McKean, PA
Died: 30 JUL 1996
Rochester, Monroe, NY

Laura was the youngest of the four daughters of Martin and Harriet Dunbar Austion. Her father died when she was only five years old. She was the only one of the four daughters to stay with her mother. Laura graduated from the Friendship, NY High School in 1919 and recieved her teachers training and certification there in 1920. While teaching at Wrights PA, she met and married Norman Delmar Sawyer on September 24, 1921. The resided at Wrights, PA for about three years then moved to Port Allegany in 1924. Where they resided until her death in 1972. Laura was a member of, and active in, the First Methodist Church, the Shakespeare Club and other social organizations. She was a dedicated and loving wife and move other to her husband and four children, who remember her fondly.

Her children were: Martin Selic, Arthur William, Elizabeth Joan and Raymond Austin.
Laura Mildred AUSTIN
APR 1900 - 4 FEB 1972
Martin Herman AUSTIN
10 MAR 1869 - 5 SEP 1905
Harriet Elvira DUNBAR
JUL 1879 - 1944

Franklin AUSTIN
Josephine Lillian MUNGER
Delos Henry DUNBAR
18 AUG 1828 - 16 MAY 1913
Harriet Marie WILLIAMS
28 JAN 1836 - 15 APR 1895




23 JUN 1789 - BEF 1860
Phebe PEET
ABT 1790 - 2 MAR 1874


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