Lafferty/Briggs Genealogy
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NameDate Of BirthPlace Of BirthDate Of Death
YORK, Laurie Lynn
YOUIN, Remember 1707Dartmouth, MA
YOUNG, Abram
YOUNG, Bernice 25 MAY 1898Caneadea, Alle Co, NY 11 OCT 1971
YOUNG, Diane 5 AUG 1959
YOUNG, Gilbert 15 AUG 1923APR 1983
YOUNG, Janice 5 MAY 1949
YOUNG, Randy 29 JAN 1953
YOUNG, Sharon 13 NOV 1947
YOUNG?, Sarah
YOUNGDAHL, Alexander Nicholas 15 JUN 2004Dubois Regional Medical Center, Dubois, PA
YOUNGDAHL, Amanda Lynn 1 MAR 1988Wellsville Alle Co NY
YOUNGDAHL, Cody Allen 20 JAN 1987Wellsville Alle Co NY
YOUNGDAHL, Daniel Ray 9 APR 1976
YOUNGDAHL, George Edward 27 MAR 1978
YOUNGDAHL, Janet Nicole 8 OCT 1974Dubois, Clearfield, PA
YOUNGDAHL, Jason Lee 9 JUL 1982Olean Catt Co NY
YOUNGDAHL, Paul Douglas 22 OCT 1953Dubois Clearfield PA
YOUNGS, Dorothy
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