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Jonathan WHITAKER  

Born: 1787 in NJ
Died: in Carrollton, Catt. Co. NY
Children with Betsey LAFFERTY
Allen WHITAKER Born: 13 AUG 1810
Catt. Co. NY
Died: JUN 1895
Plover, Portage WI
Almira WHITKER Born: 1817
Ontario, NY
Died: 1901
Carrollton, Catt Co, NY
Lavantia WHITAKER Born: 8 MAR 1824
Catt. Co. NY
Died: 10 AUG 1912
Bradford, McKean, PA
Delos WHITAKER Born: MAR 1827
Wyoming Co. NY
Died: 1902
Carrolton, Catt. co NY
Notes: Records from Carol Barber on Descendants of Jonathan WHITTAKER
1787 -


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