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Daniel MARTIN1  

Born: 27 APR 1845 in Little Valley, Cattaraugus, NY
Died: 21 APR 1925 in Fairplain, Montcalm, MI
Buried: 1925 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Nancy M FEE
Ida MARTIN Born: DEC 1867
Carrolton, Catt, NY
Died: 18 SEP 1905
Chandler, Huron, MI
Unk Born: FEB 1869
Children with Arlin Zulema GIBSON
Pearl James MARTIN Born: SEP 1882
Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
Arthur LeRoy MARTIN Born: SEP 1886
Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
Charles Daniel MARTIN Born: SEP 1891
Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
Elmer MARTIN Born: APR 1895
Valentine MARTIN Born: 1891
Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
Capitola B MARTIN Born: 1893
Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
George MARTIN Born: 1894
Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
Died: 19 SEP 1900
Clyde MARTIN Born: 1900
Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
Died: 28 FEB 1900
Notes: Census of 08 Jul 1870, living in Fairplain, Montcalm, MI--Daniel Martin, Nancy, Ida, Mary and John Fee (age 19), (probably brother of Nancy) living in the home of Albert CROSS, with wife Louise, son Charles, daughter Julia.

He said that he divorced Nancy in NY in 1873 but no record has been found.

From Katey Lou ?, Sep. 2005, info that he was a Civil War Veteran, on a pension. Had eight children with Arlin, four of whom died young. According to her, Daniel died in Grand Rapids, Kent MI. and was buried in MI Soldier`s Home in Kent Co. MI

Lived on Ashland Ave. in Grand Rapids, Kent Co. MI in 1900 Census with Arlin and four children.

Stated that he divorced Nancy in NY--no record found in NY. They were living in Montcalm Co. MI ca 1870. Arlin, Daniel`s second wife states on her application for Pension that Daniel had been previously married but never divorced. Arlin did not get any pension money which was $50 a month at the time.

1874 Daniel worked in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI in the Shingle Mill of A. B. Long and sons. Had his right arm badly mangled in the machinery of an edger while attempting to oil the machine causing permanent damage.

On 25 Sep 1900 Daniel left Arlin and the childrem.

Had no known siblings.

City Directories of Grand Rapids, Kent, MI shows: Daniel first appears in 1855-56, as a laborer, (we know he was in Montcalm Co. MI from the 1870 and 1880 census)

He was in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI in 1885/86, and worked as a well digger in 1887. No mention is found of him in 1888, but in 1889, 1890 and 1891, he is still diggin`. Those three years must have been good because he lived in the same house all three years! In 1903-04 he is still digging wells.

In 1901, Daniel is living in Midland, Saginaw, MI, the same year Arlin filed pension claim stating that Daniel had deseerted her and the boys. Daniel replied the the clain saying he did not abandon his wife, Arlin, and had no intention of doing so, but that she had refused to go and live where he could get work and if she would leave the city of Grand Rapids and move out into the country and live then he would provide the family with a home, but in the city the rent was so high and it took so much to support the family that it was ipossible for him to do so.

In 1890, we see that Albert Cross shows up a few blocks from Daniel. Daniel`s mother Louisa married Albert Cross, as a second husband,

In 1912, he was in Bedford, PA at the Union House, and in 1913, living in the Soldiers` home in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI. In 1925, he jumped into the pond and died.
27 APR 1845 - 21 APR 1925
- BEF 1855
Louisa FISKE
1834 -


1.Title: Census Fairplains Twp, Montcalm Co. MI
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