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Louisa FISKE1  

Born: 1834
Albert CROSS
Child withUnk MARTIN
Daniel MARTIN Born: 27 APR 1845
Little Valley, Cattaraugus, NY
Died: 21 APR 1925
Fairplain, Montcalm, MI
Notes: In 1870, living in household of Albert Cross (married to him?) along with John FEE, brother of Nancy also lived, in 1870, in Montcalm, MI, from census records.

In 1855, she is found in Yorkshire, Catt Co. NY Pg 271 age 32, listed as a widow and son Daniel Martin age 9, both living in the household of Edmund Lafferty and his wife Betsy, both age 50.
Louisa FISKE
1834 -


1.Title: 1855 census Yorkshire, Catt. Co NY
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