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Lafferty/Briggs Genealogy
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Alice Ursula WHITAKER  

Born: 8 AUG 1844 in NY
Died: 4 APR 1910 in Stevens Point, Portage, WI
   Born    Married    Died
Silas George STODDARD
Child withHiram COLE
W. A. COLE Born: Died:
Notes: Lived for a time with Mr. Cole in the town of Knowlt, and later in Kansas City, MO.After the death of Mr. Cole, she returned to WI and in 1873 married Mr. Stoddard.and went to live at Darcy where, with the exception of six years apent in South Dakota, they resided until their removal to the city of Stevens Point.

From the Stevens Point Journal-Sat. 09 Apr 1910:
For upwards of ten years, she was more or less an invalid, suffering from rheumatism and other troubles which made it difficult for her to walk.She was a very large woman and her weight again aggravated her other troubles. For the past two weeks she had been having the grip (sic), but her condition was not regarded as serious and she was about the house every day. Monday after dinner she suffered an attack of acute indigestion accompanied by neuralgia and finally paralysis of the heart, all conducting to a very sudden death.
Alice Ursula WHITAKER
8 AUG 1844 - 4 APR 1910
13 AUG 1810 - JUN 1895
1817 - 14 DEC 1890

1787 -
15 MAR 1786 -

John Franklin LAFFERTY
1 JAN 1755 - AFT 1 JUN 1840
23 MAR 1763 - AFT 1830


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