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Anthony B AUSTIN  

Born: 1636 in Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Died: 22 AUG 1708 in Suffield, Hampshire, CT
Age: 72 years
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Esther HUGGINS
Nathaniel AUSTIN Born: Died:
Elizabeth AUSTIN Born: Died:
Esther AUSTIN Born: Died:
John AUSTIN Born: 22 OCT 1672
Rowley, Essex, MA
Died: 18 MAY 1737
Suffield, Hampshire, MA
Anthony AUSTIN Born: Died:
Notes: 1636 (some records say 1638)-Immigrated with parents, aunt and her children and older brother Richard aboard the ship"Bevis", setting sail in April from Southampton and landing at Boston Harbor 16 May. His father died soon after arriving in the colonies, and the bereaved family settled in Charlestown, MA.
1669-Made a Freeman
1674-Original proprietor of Suffield, CT, being granted 17 Jul, 50 acres along Feather Street.
1678-May-a Sergeant of a foot company at Suffield, noted in Major Pynchon`s account book. 1681-12 Oct-promoted toLieutenant, being the first officer to command the foot company in Southfield (Suffield).
This company was engaged in frequent battles with the Indians.
First town clerk, werved 27 years for town of Rowley, Essex, MA

LDS Family search says that Anthony and Esther were married in Suffield, Hartford, CT. (Dates are the same)
Anthony B AUSTIN
1636 - 22 AUG 1708
Richard AUSTIN
ABT 1598 - 1638
Elizabeth UNK
1610 -

Richard AUSTIN
28 FEB 1548 - 15 FEB 1622
1558 - 16 JUN 1623

William AUSTIN
1516 - AFT 27 MAY 1567
Margaret WRIGLEY
1522 - 2 MAY 1550


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