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William AUSTIN  

Born: 1516 in Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Died: AFT 27 MAY 1567 in Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Age: 51 years
   Born and Died
Child withAllis UNK
Jane AUSTIN Born: ABT 1552 Died:
Child withMargaret WRIGLEY
Richard AUSTIN Born: 28 FEB 1548
Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Died: 15 FEB 1622
Winchester, Hampshire, England
Notes: In these early days, the name of the town was spelled Tychfield, and the county Hants, later changed to Titchfield and Hampshire.

Information from GEDCOM by Gary Walker, found on :

Possible other children: John 1548, Rodger 1550, and Jane 1552
Info from another record states that William married Allis UNK, b 1520 in Titchfield, d. aft 1554 in Titchfield. Different records show Richard the son of Margaret WRIGLEY and William AUSTIN. If Rodger was born in 1550, Margaret could have died in childbirth, and he then married Annis, who was the mother of Jane.=, and maybe others. Two records show Richard as the son of Margaret, records from Laverne Edward OLNEY: (Olney Family and Finance Links) and from Errol BEVAN: (Bevan Genealogy Services-from Adan to you)
William AUSTIN
1516 - AFT 27 MAY 1567
Stephen AUSTIN
1484 -
1488 -

William AUSTIN
1458 -

Richard AUSTIN
1428 -


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