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aka Agnes

Born: BEF 1 FEB 1596 in Exrter, Devon, England
Died: BEF 12 DEC 1677
Age: 81 years
   Born    Married
Children with Edmund LITTLEFIELD
John LITTLEFIELD Born: 1624 Died:
Elizabeth LITTLEFIELD Born: 1627 Died:
Mary LITTLEFIELD Born: 1630 Died:
Thomas LITTLEFIELD Born: 1633 Died:
Ann LITTLEFIELD Born: 1633 Died:
Francis LITTLEFIELD Born: 1636 Died:
Notes: 2/5/04: According to one source on the Internet, David B Robinson, he came to America in 1838 with his wife and two sons, Anthony B. and Richard B. on the ship Bevis which departed South Hampton, 5/12/1638. He was from Bishopstoke, Hampshire at that time. He traveled with his servant Robert Knight. Also on board were his wife and his sons Richard and Anthony, his sister, Annis, wife of Edmond Littlefield and her children John, age 14, Elizabeth, age 11, Mary 8, Thomas 5, Anne 5 and Frances the Younger who was two and their servant John Knight who was a carpenter and Hugh Durdal.

BEF 1 FEB 1596 - BEF 12 DEC 1677
Richard AUSTIN
28 FEB 1548 - 15 FEB 1622
1558 - 16 JUN 1623

William AUSTIN
1516 - AFT 27 MAY 1567
Margaret WRIGLEY
1522 - 2 MAY 1550

Stephen AUSTIN
1484 -
1488 -


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