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Clement BRIGGS  

Died: 11 JUN 1711 in Easton, MA
Notes: 1694 Easton,Ma Clement Briggs
His grandson Clement Briggs removed to Easton Ma,he being a descendant of Clement of Weymouth coming on the Fortune 1621 who was a felt-maker.Three of his chldren were given land grants for being the earliest settlers of Weymouth Colony in the surrounding areas.Clement the grandson was part owner of a sawmill which the Randall family built and he erected the first grismill in the town of Easton.Hannah wife of Samuel Packard of Bridgewater and widow
of Clement who was the father to our first settler Clement Briggs.d 6-11-1711 Hannah died 4-20-1727 (From 3/7/2000)

Clement BRIGGS
- 11 JUN 1711
Clement BRIGGS
Elizabeth UNK


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