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Levica UNK  

Born: 1815 in Vancouver, Canada
Died: 15 MAR 1872 in Machias, Cattaraugus, NY
Age: 57 years
Buried: in Brewer Cemetery, Machias, NY
   Born    Married and Died
Children with John P LAFFERTY
Daniel W LAFFERTY Born: 1838
Yorkshire (or Machias), Catt Co. NY or 1840
Died: 1894
Machias (or Yorkshire), Catt Co. NY
Malissa LAFFERTY Born: 8 AUG 1841
Yorkshire, Catt Co NY
Died: 14 APR 1870
Limestone, Cattaraugus, NY
Mary Ann LAFFERTY Born: 1842
Yorkshire, Catt Co NY
Died: BEF 1881
Adeline LAFFERTY Born: 1847
Yorkshire, Cattaraugus, NY
Helen LAFFERTY Born: 1852
Yorkshire, Cattaraugus Co.NY
Died: 1891
Delevan, Catt, NY
Philander LAFFERTY Born: 1850
Machias, Cattaraugus, NY
Thomas LAFFERTY Born: NOV 1857
Yorkshire, Catt Co. NY
Died: 8 MAR 1915
Franklinville, Cattaraugus, NY
Valentine LAFFERTY Born: 1844
Yorkshire, Catt Co. NY
Died: BEF 1855
Yorkshire, Catt Co NY
Notes: Buried Brewer Cemetery, Machias, NYBuried Brewer Cemetery, Machias, NY
Levica UNK
1815 - 15 MAR 1872


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