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Warren CLARK  

Born: 28 MAR 1839 in Yorkshire Center, (Delevan) Catt co., NY
Died: 16 DEC 1906 in Rushford, Allegany, NY
Age: 67 years
Buried: in White Cemetery, Rushford, NY
   Born    Married    Married and Died
Margaret R Gallagher DILLON
Children with Huldah Marion LAFFERTY
Charles CLARK Born: 1865 Died:
Emily CLARK Born: 1867 Died:
Nettie CLARK Born: 1870 Died:
Lenora CLARK Born: 14 FEB 1876 Died:
Irven W CLARK Born: 21 JAN 1885 Died:
Notes: Enlisted 21 Aug 1863 in 2nd Ohio Volunteer Bat. Civil War. Discharged for disability 07 Feb 1863, Hepatic disease, chronic diarrhea. Buried in Lot #107, White Cemetery, Rushford, NY

Civil War Pension Records give his birthplace as Catskill, Green Co, NY. Census records indicate he was born in Yorkshire as does his marriage record to Margaret Dillon. Records indicate he had two living children when he filed.

1870 census Warren & Huldah were living in MI not far from her parents with three children.

Civil War Pension file of Warren Clark indicatres that an "Anna BUTTERFIELD and George Albert CLARK" signed statements on his behalf. Both were living in Cleveland, OH at the time. It is possible that "Anna" was sister Phoebe Ann. The dates match. It is also possible that the "George Albert" was his brother listed as Albert in the census.
Warren CLARK
28 MAR 1839 - 16 DEC 1906
Norman CLARK
1810 -
1812 - 8 MAY 1888

6 FEB 1784 - 12 DEC 1856
Catherine SNYDER
1793 - 1879

John Franklin LAFFERTY
1 JAN 1755 - AFT 1 JUN 1840
23 MAR 1763 - AFT 1830
Christopher SNYDER


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