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Matthew Buten FRAIR  

Born: 16 MAR 1824 in Owasco, Cayuga Co. NY
Died: 2 OCT 1906 in Genesee Twp. Allegany, NY
Age: 82 years
Buried: OCT 1906 in Obi, NY (Little Genesee)
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Children with Harriet HATCH
Hiram LeRoy FRAIR Born: 16 APR 1854
Genesee Twp., Alle. Co., NY
Died: 28 DEC 1925
Cuba, Allegany, NY
John Wesley FRAIR Born: 26 NOV 1855 Died: 25 OCT 1942
Alice Alida FRAIR Born: 29 AUG 1857 Died: 26 JUL 1890
Giles Daniel FRAIR Born: 19 SEP 1858 Died: AUG 1937
Mary Etta FRAIR Born: 22 JUN 1861 Died: 8 MAR 1947
Helen Estell FRAIR Born: 22 MAY 1867 Died: 27 MAR 1916
Floyd Edson FRAIR Born: 14 JAN 1874
Independence, Allegany, NY
Died: 25 JUL 1961
Harriet Adele FRAIR Born: 8 DEC 1869 Died: 18 OCT 1970
Notes: Buried West Genesee Cem. Obi, Allegany, NY

Another record says that he died 10 Oct. 1906, but I got the record from his tombstone. (EL)
Record in West Genesee Cemetery says he was married twice--I never heard this before.

Lived in Clarksville in 1860.

From "1895 History of Allegany County, NY":

".... In 1865 he settled in Genesee where he has since resided. He is a farmer and carpenter and carries on lumbering. He married first in 1845 Rachel Wright and second Harriet, daughter of John Hatch in 1858. They had eight children, seven are living, Leroy H who married Minnie, daughter of Lewis B Fish of Independence, John W, Alice (Mrs. D Livermore), dec., Giles D, and Mary E (Mrs. Owen Stillman), Helen (Mrs. Porter Hanks) and Hattie (Mrs. Orson Hatch) and Floyd."
Matthew Buten FRAIR
16 MAR 1824 - 2 OCT 1906
Daniel N FRAIR
7 JUN 1783 - 14 JAN 1836
1786 - 3 DEC 1865

Daniel FRAIR

Daniel FRAIR


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