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Born: 19 MAR 1821 in Yorkshire, Catt Co. NY
Died: 15 MAY 1889 in New Hudson, Allegany, NY
Age: 68 years
Buried: in Bellville Cemetery
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Children with Electa LAFFERTY
Charles Webster LAFFERTY Born: 8 MAR 1848
Bradford Twp, McKean Co. PA
Died: 15 NOV 1932
New Hudson, Allegany, NY
James G LAFFERTY Born: 27 FEB 1850
Bradford, McKean, PA
Vernon, Willbarger, TX
Marian LAFFERTY Born: 3 FEB 1852 Died: 1853
Mirriam LAFFERTY Born: 19 AUG 1854
Bradford, McKean, PA
Died: 11 SEP 1922
New Hudson, Allegany, NY
Ada Adeline LAFFERTY Born: 15 JAN 1857
Bradford, McKean, PA
Died: 20 JAN 1920
New Hudson, Allegany, NY
Adeline LAFFERTY Born: 15 JAN 1857
Bradford, McKean, PA
Died: 12 JAN 1920
Bellville Cemetery New Hudson, Alle Co. NY
Evaline LAFFERTY Born: 8 MAR 1859
Bradford, McKean, PA
Died: 31 MAR 1926
Evans Sanitarium
Liona LAFFERTY Born: 16 NOV 1861
Bradford, McKean, PA
Died: 10 MAY 1939
New Hudson, Allegany, NY
Gertrude LAFFERTY Born: 22 MAR 1867
Bradford, McKean, PA
Died: 9 AUG 1924
Bellville Cemetery New Hudson, Alle Co. NY
Notes: In 1870 was a farmer. By 1870 US Census McKean Co. PA, he and Electa were cousins, their fathers being brothers. In 1880, lived in New Hudson, NY with family.
Daniel was a veteran of the Civil War. He enlisted on 3 Sep 1864 at Waterford, PA as a private for one year. He served with Co. L 199th Ref. Penna. Inf. He was 44 years old, 6` tall, had dark complexion, black eyes and black hair. He mustered out with his Regiment at the close of the War.
1850 Census- living in Bradford, McKean Co PA on 22 Aug
1860 Census-Living in Bradford on July 12.
On 07 Oct 1878, Daniel and Electa sold to Johnson and Co. of the city of Bradford three parcels, total of over 600 acres.
19 MAR 1821 - 15 MAY 1889
23 SEP 1781 - AFT 1865
10 APR 1797 - BEF 1850

John Franklin LAFFERTY
1 JAN 1755 - AFT 1 JUN 1840
23 MAR 1763 - AFT 1830


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