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Born: 21 APR 1828 in Launceston, Cornwall, England
Died: 1911 in Bur. East Koy, Wyoming Co. NY
Age: 83 years
Buried: 1911 in East Koy, Wyoming Co, NY
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Harriet GLIDDON
Mary Jane FINNEMORE Born: 14 MAR 1853
Died: 1930
William Gliddon FINNEMORE Born: 17 JAN 1855
Pancrasweek, Devon England
Died: 14 OCT 1931
Elizabeth Ann FINNEMORE Born: 14 NOV 1857
Canada, probably Bowmansville
Died: 12 FEB 1890
James Thomas FINNEMORE Born: 14 APR 1859
Canada, probably Bowmansville
Eliza Grace FINNEMORE Born: 21 APR 1861
Harriet Lecrita FINNEMORE Born: 3 AUG 1862
Died: 6 AUG 1862
Julia Rena FINNEMORE Born: 10 OCT 1863
Wiscoy, Alle. Co., NY
Died: 2 NOV 1938
Wirt Twp., Allegany, NY
Mabell Maria FINNEMORE Born: 9 MAR 1865
NY State
Died: 3 NOV 1878
NY State
Alma Samantha Milla Annis Lovica FINNEMORE Born: 12 MAY 1867
Wiscoy, Alle. Co NY
Died: 9 MAY 1953
Hattie Eva Clara FINNEMORE Born: 2 DEC 1870 Died: MAR 1963
Hickox Potter Co PA
Horton Wakefield FINNEMORE Born: 18 JUL 1872
Cattaraugus Co, NY
Died: 4 MAY 1956
Hornell, NY
John Norman FINNEMORE Born: 18 JUL 1872
Catt. Co NY
Died: JUL 1950
Notes: Probably born in Launceston, Cornwall. Found in the 1851 Devon
Census, age 21, unmarried, working as farm labourer on the farm of
Humphrey WICKETT in Holsworthy, Devon. Harriet was listed as Hariat
GLIDDON, age 19, unmarried, working for William WICKETT in Dexbeer,
Holsworthy, Devon.
His name there is spelled FINAMORE. (Who knows what the spelling
should be? Even census takers spelled it the way it sounded to them)
This could have been the place where David and Harriet met.

According to the 1905 New York Census, David immigrated to the US in 1861. James was the last child born before that. He was naturalized 17 Sep. 1868
(I found in the Irish listings the following, but don`t think that they are related):
David FINNEMORE, born in Killeigh, County Offaly (King`s County in the
early days), Ireland; married on 17 Nov 1819 to Jane ROTHERAM,
daughter of James, who was deceased at the time of her marriage. All
info is in the parish registers at Killeigh, Diocese of Kildare,
King`s County (Offaly), Ireland
If this David FINNEMORE is the father of David G., he married Jane ROTHERAM, who
was the daughter of James ROTHERAM, (who died 21 Sep 1816) all of
Killeigh, Diocese of Kildare, King`s County (Offaly).
(Found at
Is this something to be pursued? I found no more on 3 Aug, 2001. The
dates are consistent with the birth of our David.
Jane apparently had a sister, Anne, who was married 13 Feb 1819 in
Killeigh, to Wilbert FINAMORE. Another sister, Bridget ROTHERAM was
born in Craig, County Offaly, Ireland, and married 03 Jan 1818 to
Fawcel GRAY. No birth dates given for any of the ROTHERAM family.
When was the potato famine? That could account for the family turning
up in England in 1828. Just a thought!) These two paragraphs are not yet connected to our family.)
21 APR 1828 - 1911


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