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Samuel GLIDDON  

Born: ABT 1815 in England
Died: 6 AUG 1884 in Bowmansville, Ontario, Canada
Age: 69 years
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Child withElizabeth UNK
William GLIDDON Born: ABT 1854
Died: 30 JUN 1875
Bowmansville, Ontario, Canada
Notes: This Samuel may be in the wrong family. Wayne GLIDDON of London, Canada, feels that he is not the brother of Thomas. Needs to be researched.
Found record in Bowmanville, Ontario seeming as though he was born in abt. 1815. Would have been difficult to baptize him in 1808! Needs more research.
This Samuel died of "bilious diarrhea", and in the death record, had been a cripple for years.
ABT 1815 - 6 AUG 1884
9 FEB 1772 -
Frances HAMLYN


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