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Born: 1779 in Duchess Co. NY
Died: 23 APR 1842
Age: 63 years
Child withCharity BROMLEY
John O`Dell BEARDSLEY Born: 1812
Died: 1898
Sardenia, Erie, NY
Notes: Was a lumberman and merchant with his father. They used the Delaware River as a means of transportation to and from Philadelphia. He removed to near Seneca Lake and in 1813 or 1814 to Chautauqua Co, where he was a successful lumberman until 1829, when he came to Tuna Valley and purchased several hundred acres of prime land in the township of Bradford, PA, and engaged extensively in manufacturing lumber. In February 1831, he brought his family to his log cabin. In a few years he built a comfortable residence, the center of which was on the State line.He claimed residence in PA. In 1836, with his sons John O. and William, he built a double mill on Foster Brook, where they were engaged in manufacturing lumber to the time of is deeath, April 23, 1842.John O,. William and Hiram were lumbermen. They had a tract of land along the state line in Carrolton which contained 2000 acres, from which they cut the lumber.
1779 - 23 APR 1842


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