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Henry ADAMS  

Born: 21 JAN 1583 in Barton St. David, Somerset, England
Died: 6 OCT 1646 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA
Age: 63 years
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Notes: Notes for Henry Adams:
Notes for HENRY ADAMS:
Per SAVAGE, VOL 1 DIctionary of First Settlers Of New England
ADAMS, HENRY, Braintree, came early to our country, and tradition says from
Braintree was part, i. e. the portion for ten heads. Perhaps he was the
first clerk of the town, after separating from Boston, though more likely
is it that his son of the same name had the honor; and he died or was buried
8 October 1646, leaving by tradition eight sons yet only five are named in
his will, 1646, proved 8 June 1647, where appear Peter, John, Joseph,
Edward, Samuel, and daughter Ursula. Of this daughter as tradition took no
notice, it may be that the number eight applied to sons means in truth
children seven sons and one daughter but names enough for the sons may be
seen, and certainly one son good, if not two beyond the deviees in the will,
as Henry, Thomas, Jonathan, in some reports called William. The inscription
on the monument erected by his descendant, John Adams, second President of
memor. of Henry Adams who took his flight from the Dragon persecution, in
Devonshire, England and alighted with eight sons, near Mt. Wollaston. One
of the sons returned to England and, after taking some time to explore the
country, four removed to Medfield, and the neighboring towns, two to
Chelmsford. One only, Joseph, who lies here at his left hand, remained here;
who was an original proprietor in the township of Braintree incorporated
21 JAN 1583 - 6 OCT 1646
1553 - 19 MAR 1603
1 JAN 1555 - 15 JAN 1615

ABT 1531 - 1596
Rose UNK
1536 -
1535 - 20 SEP 1597
Agnes UNK
ABT 1530 -

1502 - 1557
Alice UNK
1505 - 1572

1507 - 26 JUL 1557
Agnes UNK
1513 - JUL 1578


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