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Matthew PRATT  

Born: 1600 in Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, (Buckibghanshire) England
Died: 29 AUG 1672 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
Age: 72 years
   Born and Married    Died
Children with Elizabeth Bates KINGHAM
Thomas PRATT Born: 1630
Framingham, Middlesex, MA
Died: 14 DEC 1692
Framingham, Middlesex, MA
Samuel PRATT Born: 22 JAN 1637
Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, (Buckibghanshire) England
Died: 11 AUG 1728
Taunton, Bristol, MA
Notes: Notes for Matthew Pratt:
Macuth (aka Matthew) Pratt Sex: M Birth: ABT. 1595 in England, perhaps Buckinghamshire 1 Death: 29 OCT 1672 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts 2 1 Note:
Matthew is called "Macuth" Pratt and his wife "Elizabeth "Kingham" in Dean Crawford Smith, The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908, Part I, (NEHGS, Boston, 1996), pg. 404. His origins, ancestry and use of names "Macuth" and "Matthew" are thoroughly discussed in the article by Frederick J. Nicholson, "The English Origin of Macuth (or Matthew) Pratt & Edward Bates of Weymouth, Massachusetts," TAG, Vol. 65, 1990, pp. 33-43 and 89-86. Macuth`s baptism is not recorded at Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire.

According to Mary Ann Long Skinner in "The Given Name Macuth," TAG, Vol. 68, 1993, pp. 31-32, A St. Machute was listed in a 1611 edition of the King James Bible, with Nov. 15 given at St. Machute`s Day. This saint was born possibly in Wales in about the 6th or 7th centuries and was called the "apostle of Brittany" for having established Christianity there. He was well-recognized in pre-Reformation England and his feast day widely celebrated. "Machute" is the same name at "Macuth," also spelled Maccuth, Macut, Macute and Machuth.

Macuth Pratt came to Weymouth, MA 1637-1639 as one of the first settlers and he was freeman 13 May 1640. His name is found on the list of land-owners in about 1643, the first recorded list in the town.

Macuth`s will is on file in the Suffolk Co. Probate Office, dated 25 March 1672, probated 30 April 1673 and recorded 20 May 1673. His estate inventory indicates a date of death of 29, 8th month (Oct.) 1672.

His first name also appears as Macute, Macuth, Maceath, Micareth. he was an "old resident" of Weymouth, being granted twenty acres in "the mill field" (now East Weymouth) and eighteen acres on the west side of "mill river." He was made a freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony 13-May-1640. In February, 1648, he was chosen a "townsman" (selectman). he made his will 25-Mar-1672 and it was proved 30-Apr-1673. To his wife Elizabeth Pratt, he gave the use of his estate for her natural life. To son Thomas Pratt, the lands after his wife`s decease and land at "Hollie" provided that he pay "my daughter Chard" L4. To Matthew Pratt, lands on like condition. To son John Pratt, "an ewe and lamb." To son Samuel Pratt, land near his house. To son Joseph Pratt, a lot at the pond. To his daughter Chard, L7, and to her daughter Jahannah Chard his best bed. To his daughter White a parcel of land. To his son Thomas Pratt`s daughter Sarah, L5. to Thomas Pratt`s son William Pratt, half a mare. Wife to be executrix. His Pastor Mr. Samuel Torrey and his kinsman Elder William Bates and his son Thomas Pratt to be overseers. Witnesses: Edward Bates and Thomas Dyer. The inventory of Matthew Pratt who deceased 29-Aug-1672 was taken 12-Dec-1672 (Pratt Genealogy, pp. 19-21).

The planter, Mathew, left a Will now upon the record. His eldest son, Sergeant Thomas, killed by Indians, 19 Apr 1676, has records in Suffolk Co. Probate Court identifying his family. His 2nd son, Mathew, left a Will which is recorded, naming, who, with his wife, Sarah HUnt, wrere deaf and dumb, as noticed by Cotton Mather. The 3rd son, John, a cooper, left no children, but is identified by his Will. His 4th son, Samuel, a carpenter, married a daughter of John Rogers, and had 8 children, whose names are recorded in his Will (names of sons). The Will of Joseph, the 5th son, names 4 sons and son-in-law, Aaron Pratt.

Matthew PRATT
1600 - 29 AUG 1672
Thomas PRATT
14 MAR 1563 - 2 OCT 1616
Elizabeth HUNT
1566 - AFT 1616

ABT 1535 -


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