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Robert RANDALL  

Born: 1608 in Wendover, Buck, England
Died: 3 MAY 1691 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA
Age: 83 years
   Born    Married    Died
Child withMary FRENCH
Thomas RANDALL Born: 1635
Weymouth Settlement, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Died: 11 JUN 1711
Taunton, Bristol, MA
Notes: Notes for Robert Randall:
ROBERT RANDALL came from Wendover, county of Bucks, England, to Weymouthbefore 1640. He was born near 1608 and died at Weymouth, 3 May, 1691. Hedeposed 2 July, 1688, that he aged Eighty yeares or thereabouts, " andthat he was living for u S within the Realm of -,me time in Wendover inthe county of Bucks~ ... and did well know Enoch Hunt of Titenden in theparish ,76`aena out two miles distant from Wendover," etc. (MassachusettsState Archives, 129: 16,) The parish registers of Wendover begin in 1632,and a careful search of them revealed no trace of any person of the nameRandall. He married (1) Mary -, who was buried at Weymouth, 3 Sept. 1640.He married (2) Mary French, sister of Stephen French, who calls her "mysister Mary Randall` in his will in 1679. He was admitted a freeman ofthe Massachusetts Bay Colony, 26 May, 1647. He had three lots granted tohim "in the East field," and seven acres in the First Division, andtwenty-one acres in the Second Division, the latter granted 14 Dec. 1663.(Weyrnouth Land Grants, 258, 293.)
Robert Randall of Weymouth, "being weake of body," made his will 27 Mar.1691, and it was probated 25 May, 1691. To his eldest son John he gaveseveral lots, one "in the Range Field," another in the First Division. Tohis youngest son Thomas he gave his dwelling house, etc. To his daughtersMary, wife of Abraham Staples of Mendon, and Hannah, wife of JohnWarfield of Mendon, to each Es. Son John to be executor. Witnesses: MaryWning, Joseph Dyer and William Chard. Inventory taken 16 May, 1691, byJohn Shaw and Joseph Dyer. (Suffolk Probate, 8: 41, 42.)
1608 - 3 MAY 1691


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