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Thomas CHURCH  

Notes: Their son. Capt. Thomas, m. in Hing. for his third w. Oct. 10, 1719, Sarah, dau. of Francis and Mary Horswell. Benjamin was known as "Captain," and afts. as "Colonel." He was the distinguished hero of the Indian Wars, and commanded the party by which King Philip was slain. (See WINDSOR`S "Duxbury," and BARRY`S "Hanover.") Some have thought Col. Benjamin was a nephew of Richard; but this seems somewhat improbable from the fact that the date of his m., Dec. 26, 1667, was recorded in Hing. by Rev. Peter Hobart, who, prob. would not have entered in his diary a marriage occurring in another town, had not one at least of the parties m. been closely connected with those of the name in Hing.

From Fred Kunchick`s Genealogy page.
Col. Benjamin CHURCH
1640 - 17 JAN 1718

Richard CHURCH
ABT 1608 - 27 DEC 1668
Elizabeth WARREN
20 JAN 1617 - 9 MAR 1669

Richard WARREN
ABT 1580 - 1628
Elizabeth WALKER
ABT SEP 1583 - 2 OCT 1673


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