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Born: 1640 in Lynn, Essex, MA
Died: 30 AUG 1684 in East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Age: 44 years
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Children with Susannah GRIFFIN
Susannah SPENCER Born: 1 DEC 1681
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: ABT 1725
North Kingstown, Washington, RI
Thomas SPENCER Born: 22 JUL 1679
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: 25 APR 1752
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
John SPENCER Born: 20 APR 1666
Newport, Newport, RI
Died: 17 APR 1743
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Michael SPENCER Born: 28 MAY 1668
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: 10 OCT 1748
Benjamin SPENCER Born: 22 JUN 1670
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: 1723
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
William SPENCER Born: 1 JUL 1672 Died: 25 OCT 1748
Robert SPENCER Born: 6 NOV 1674
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: 1748
Exeter, Washington, RI
Abner SPENCER Born: 4 DEC 1676
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: 11 MAY 1759
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Peleg SPENCER Born: 14 DEC 1683
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: 13 SEP 1763
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Notes: Per Robert Blankenship 10/23/08:

Source of the original grantees was John Spencer. He evidently came from Newport where he had been made a freeman in 1668. John may have been the son of Michael Spencer who was living in Cambridge, MA in 1634 and later in Lynn. Other researchers have that his father was William Spencer. Among John`s possessions was a Spencer Coat of Arms which indicated that he was descended from Sir Robert Spencer of Northampton, England. Also in his inventory was a gentleman`s small sword or "tucke" suggesting that he might have held the rank in England. The inventory also listed five Indian servants, presumably captives after the King Phillip War. There is not much doubt that John Spencer was a leader. He was first to sign the original grant, and was the first town clerk in East Greenwich (1677-1683) and was a conservator of the peace in 1678. Early town meetings were held in his home. Much credit is due this man for the early town records which he kept, even though his hand writing is like hierogloyphics to the untrained reader. John Spencer`s original ninety acre farm granted to him in 1677 was on Kenyon Avenue. He evidently bought up grants in this vicinity because his land holdings in the area were quite extensive. His home stood on the ninety acre section assigned to him near Payne`s Pond. The house which stood on the site of the owned by James McMahan today was torn down in 1914. Tradition has it that Peleg, son of John, built it in 1708 but is most likely that John had a home, perhaps a small one resembling the original Clement Weaver house on that site. Peleg may have added lean-tos and ells to the house bringing it to a much larger proportions. Pictures of the house show it to have been a sturdy two story home with a large center chimney almost identical with the pilastered chimney of the John Coggeshall house built in 1705.
1640 - 30 AUG 1684


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