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Jonathan REMINGTON  

Born: ABT 1702
Children with Lorana ARNOLD
Caleb REMINGTON Born: 2 JUL 1728 Died:
Jonathan REMINGTON Born: 20 MAY 1730 Died:
Thomas REMINGTON Born: 16 JUN 1732
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Notes: Jonathan & Lorana were married at Providence, RI; had children born and/or registered at East Greenwich, RI; and probably moved to Berkshire County, MA, sometime before 1741 (see notes below). They may have had other children, and -- Jonathan may have married again. These are unsolved mysteries at this point. At least one of their children, Jonathan, appears to have returned to Rhode Island, at least for a while.

The following must apply to either this Jonathan or the other one, born c. 1705 (if they are indeed two different individuals of the same name who happened to live at East Greenwich):
In an official document dated 18 July 1741, Thomas Rice, Esq., Sherrif of the County of Providence, refers to an act of the General Assembly of the Colony of RI in sessions held at Providence on the last Wednesday of Oct 1736, concerning "an act for making the real estate of a person that has left this colony or concealed themselves therein or do not live in this government liable for the payment of debts . . . By virtue of which said act the lands or real estate of Jonathan Remington late of East Greenwich in Providence County, mariner, has been attached at the suits of John Walton of Warwick -- merchant, James Gould of Newport, and Mercy Gorton of Warwick, innholder . . . judgments were obtained by John Walton and Mercy Gorton against Jonathan Remington at the last Inferior Court of Common Pleas held at Providence on the second Tuesday of December last, and by James Gould at the last Inferior Court of Common Pleas held at Newport in November." Jonathan Remington`s land was sold at "Public Venue" for 97 pounds 10 shillings, to Philip Arnold of Warwick and John Potter of Providence, Esq. Thomas Rice, Sherriff, acknowledged receipt in bills of credit . . .

"Philip Arnold & John Potter have been conveyed a certain tract of land in Warwick and by examination containing 269 acres more or less it is all the part or parcel of a certain farm number 17 in The Grand Purchase of Warwick belonging to the said Jonathan Remington, bounded on the north by the farm of John & Richard Waterman, southerly by Warwick`s southern boundary, westerly by the RI/CT border, easterly however as per plot of land or however otherwise bounded or reputed to be bounded." Dated 18 July 15th yr of George II, 1741. Recorded at Warwick 5 Nov 1741 in 7th Great Book of Land Evidence by John Wickes, Town Clerk.

(above record found at RI Historical Library, Manuscript Room, Providence, RI)

Did he have a second wife named Susannah? A newspaper entry of Oct. 1753 announced the marriage of Jonathan, of Jonathan & Susanah Remington of East Greenwich, to Mary Thurston. Or was that another Jonathan?
ABT 1702 -
4 FEB 1656 - 23 JUL 1710
1660 - 1710

ABT 1633 - AFT 13 AUG 1709
Abigail ACIE
1630 -
William ALLEN
Elizabeth UNK

1602 - APR 1667
Elizabeth KNIGHT
ABT 1605 - OCT 1657
William ACIE
Margaret UNK


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