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Emeline LEWIS  

Born: 1 OCT 1817 in Lorraine, Jefferson Co. NY
Died: 22 OCT 1882 in Washington Twp. Macomb, MI
Age: 65 years
Buried: in Mt. Vernon, Macomb, MI
   Born    Died
Children with Joseph Grice McCLURE
Ethelburt McCLURE Born: 1837 Died:
Joseph McCLURE Born: 6 APR 1839 Died:
Melvin McCLURE Born: 1844 Died:
Theodore McCLURE Born: 7 NOV 1846 Died:
William McCLURE Born: 1850 Died:
Mary McCLURE Born: OCT 1855 Died:
Sarah C McCLURE Born: FEB 1856 Died:
Arthur D McCLURE Born: SEP 1858
Dunnville, Niagara, Canada
Died: 1875
Rochester, Macomb MI
Notes: 1880 Census 62 years old, living with son Melvin and Family "sick with consumption" in Oakland Twp, Oakland Co. MI.

Macomb death record p 197 #227 "of consumption."
Bible record says died 23 Sep 1882

Census 1870 Living in Washington Twp. Macomb, MI

Complete history of her descendants may be found in my "Word", as a file on Laban LEWIS from Carol Barber, named "Descendants of Laban LEWIS"

Father`s will gives her residence in 1860 as Dunnville, Niagara, Canada
Emeline LEWIS
1 OCT 1817 - 22 OCT 1882
17 SEP 1787 - 26 NOV 1861
1 JAN 1793 - 12 JAN 1892

Reuben LEWIS
Mary UNK
Sarah DOLE


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