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Lafferty/Briggs Genealogy
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Richard BRIGGS  

Born: 1 FEB 1675 in Newport, Washington, RI
Died: ABT 29 APR 1733 in East Greenwich, Kent, RI
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Experience TARBOX
Mary BRIGGS Born: 27 JAN 1726 Died:
Philip BRIGGS Born: 7 NOV 1728 Died:
Daniel BRIGGS Born: 19 MAR 1730
Newport Co. RI
Died: 6 NOV 1820
Clarendon, Rutland Co. VT
Alice BRIGGS Born: 17 FEB 1732 Died:
Children with Susannah SPENCER 1
Richard BRIGGS Born: 17 OCT 1701
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Francis BRIGGS Born: 27 OCT 1703
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: 11 MAY 1752
Audrey BRIGGS Born: 10 AUG 1705
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: BEF 1733
Susannah BRIGGS Born: 31 DEC 1707
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: 7 JUN 1732
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
John BRIGGS Born: 8 FEB 1709
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: OCT 1797
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Sarah BRIGGS Born: 27 FEB 1710
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Caleb BRIGGS Born: 17 FEB 1713
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Died: 28 FEB 1789
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Anne BRIGGS Born: 25 NOV 1715
East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Notes: Birth date of 1 Feb 1675 from John Robert Austin`s Genealogical Dictionary of RI and James Arnold`s set of books on Vital Records of RI. Alternate birthdate of 1 Dec 1674 from North Kingston records, and 1 Feb 1674/75 from Friends Records.
Marriage date of Sep 23 , 1700 from East and West Greenwich Records.
Marriage date from New England Marriages prior to 1700

Death date from John Robert Austin`s records.

Abstract of E. Grenwich wills, pg 136-137. Briggs, Richard. Will dated 29 Mar 1733, proved 28 Apr 1733, pgs 136-137. Executor son John. To wife Experience Briggs, 20£ in lieu of her third. To son Richard, 5£. To Francis, 8 or 10 acres and 5£. To John, my homestead farm etc. To Caleb, 10 acres. To Philip, 10£ & to Daniel, 10£. Daughters Sarah Aylesworth 20£, to Ann King, 10£ to Mary Briggs, 5£ & to Alice Briggs 5£. Auora Briggs. To Grandsons Richard Briggs, Caleb Tarbox, & Richard Matteson, each a heifer improved for them by their respected (sic) fathers
Richard BRIGGS
1 FEB 1675 - ABT 29 APR 1733
1642 - 1708
Frances FISHER
ABT 1645 - 1697



1.Title: Vital Records of RI, 1636-1850, East Greenwich, Vol. 1, Part 2, Author: Arnold
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