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Daniel BRIGGS  

Born: ABT 1665 in MA
Died: 1730 in East Greenwich, Kent, RI
Age: 65 years
   Born    Married and Died
Susannah SPENCER
Children with Lydia UNK
Martha BRIGGS Born: 27 DEC 1708 Died:
Mercy BRIGGS Born: Died:
Deliverance BRIGGS Born: Died:
Benjamin BRIGGS Born: 5 MAY 1695
Kent, East Greenwich, RI
Benjamin BRIGGS Born: 1704
Kent, East Greenwich, RI
Benjamin BRIGGS Born: ABT 1690
Washington of Kingstown,RI
Hannah BRIGGS Born: Died:
Notes: Probably not a son of John and Frances. In his will, John deeded land to his "oldest son, John", which would rule out Thomas and Daniel.

According to, Thomas and Daniel were born in MA (same dates of birth as those others have listed in RI.

Record from http://www,the says that Daniel was born in North Kingstown, RI.

Record of Early New England says he was from Patience Island. He bought, of Joseph WAIT of Kingston, land in Greenwich for 40£, 90 acres,

He and wife Lydia sold to Thomas Matteson, six acres in East Greenwich for 10£.

09 Sep 1727, will written. Proved 28 May 1730 Executive son Benjamin. To daughter Hannah GARDINER, wife of Joseph 40s. To daughter Martha SPENCER, wife of Samuel 10£. To daughters Deliverance and Mercy BRIGGS, each a feather bed and 20£ and the indoor moveables, equally. To son Benjamin, dwelling house, farm and rest of estate.

Inventory:323£ 19s 10d viz: purse and apparel 20£, feather bed, warming pan, cane, stillyards, 4 spinning wheels, 2 guns, cider mill, negro boy 54£, pair of oxen, 5 cows, 2 mates,6 geese, 6 fowls, 2 steers half a yearling heifer, tc.
ABT 1665 - 1730
1642 - 1708
Frances FISHER
ABT 1645 - 1697



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