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Prudence POTTER  

Born: 1805 in Athol Twp. Warren Co. NY
Died: 1893 in Allegany, NY
Age: 88 years
Buried: in West Genesee Cemetery, Obi, NY
   Born    Died
Children with John HATCH
Harriet HATCH Born: 16 FEB 1828
Warren Co. NY
Died: 9 SEP 1898
Little Genesee, Allegany, NY
Julia HATCH Born: 1831
Warren Co, NY
John HATCH Jr. Born: 1833
Warren Co, NY
Hiram HATCH Born: ABT 1850 Died: 1853
Little Genesee, Allegany, NY
Eleanor HATCH Born: 1835
Warren Co, NY
Notes: Bur. West Genesee Cem. Obi, Allegany, NY
Other records show that she was born in 1802 and died in 1898.
To the left of her tombstone is the grave of Hiram Hatch, her son,
died 1853. A year later, her daughter, Harriet Frair gave birth to
Hiram LeRoy.
All are buried in the same cemetery (West Genesee, Obi, NY)

Athol Township is now called Stony Creek

Prudence POTTER
1805 - 1893


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