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Daniel N FRAIR  

Born: 7 JUN 1783 in Albany Co. NY
Died: 14 JAN 1836 in Niles, Cayuga Co. NY
Age: 52 years
   Born    Died
Children with Maria MILLER
Daniel FRAIR Born: Died:
Peter FRAIR Born: 1808
Rensselaer Co. NY
Died: 1880
Jacob FRAIR Born: 1812
near Albany, NY
Died: 7 AUG 1892
Niles, NY
John Miller FRAIR Born: 1816 Died: 1852
James FRAIR Born: 1818
Niles, NY
Died: 25 JUN 1892
Niles, NY
Matthew Buten FRAIR Born: 16 MAR 1824
Owasco, Cayuga Co. NY
Died: 2 OCT 1906
Genesee Twp. Allegany, NY
Notes: I have pictures of his grave and that of Maria. They are uncared for, in the woods, and the tombstones have fallen down.

Was the family German or Dutch. I found many FRAIRs in Rensselaer Co. NY before the Rev. War, when it was populated by the German immigrants. With names like Peter and Jacob, who were born in that county and neighboring county, Albany, perhaps their mother, Maria MILLER was originally a MUELLER. Needs research.
On March 26, 2005, I realized that I had been overlooking an obvious item. Daniel FRAIR served in the Rev. War from Kinderhook, Columbia Co. NY, is shown as an Ensign in 1776, General records of New York 1675-1920. Vol. I, Extracts. Publisher, J.B. Lyons Co. Albany, NY 1904 Page 82, Province NY. He is also listed in the 1790 Census as Daniel FRAIR, Jr. living in Kinderhook, Columba Co. NY.
In the 1790 Census, he is listed as Daniel FRAIR, Jr.--one male over 16 years of age, two males under 16 and (unable to read number of females over 16), no females under 16, and one slave.
If he was Daniel Jr. and Daniel N. was his son, it sounds probable that his father was Daniel, Sr. Now where on earth did he live?

Otsego Co.wasn`t formed until 1791, and Cortland Co in 1808, so Daniel N. must have been born in Albany Co., one of the original counties. In 1830 Census, he lived in Owasco, Cayuga Co. NY
Daniel N FRAIR
7 JUN 1783 - 14 JAN 1836
Daniel FRAIR

Daniel FRAIR


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