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Lt. Robert FISH  

Born: ABT 1665 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Occupation: Blacksmith
Died: 1730
Age: 65 years
   Born and Married
Children with Mary HALL
Robert FISH Born: 1690
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Mary FISH Born: 1692
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
William FISH Born: 1695
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 1764
Zuriel FISH Born: 1697
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: BEF 1728
Isaac FISH Born: 1699
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Alice FISH Born: 1702
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 1756
Jonathan FISH Born: 1704
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Daniel FISH Born: 17 MAY 1707
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: DEC 1786
David FISH Born: 1709
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 1781
Notes: (Much of the information below is from Gordon of Sun City West, Az)

Lieutenant Robert Fish was born in Portsmouth, RI. He early prominent in the affairs of the colony and held many government offices. He was a blacksmith by trade, first in a line of four. Blacksmiths in those days achieved considerable status as they had a monopoly on a trade of great necessity. In colonial days, the business of getting a blacksmith to take up residence in a town was as serious a matter as calling in a minister, or a doctor of medicine might be today.
In April, 1681, Robert was appointed Constable. On April 9, 1686 Robert was made a freeman of Pourtsmouth. This indicates that he had become a member of a church, no doubt of the Quaker, or perhaps the Baptist Church.
"Ear marks of the cattle of Robert Fish is a crop on the right ear and a half peney above the same and a deuce on the left ear. Entered and recorded the tenth day of the 7th month 1687, by me, John Anthony, Town Clerke"
On May 4, 1686, "it is voted that Robert and Daniel Fish be accepted by the General Assembly of Newport". At the town meetings held June 16, 1694, Robert Fish was chosen Juryman. He served on the jury until 1699. He was again appointed Juryman in 1707 and served until 1745. Sept. 25, 1695, at meetings of free inhabitants of the town of Portsmouth "it is voted and further agreed that there shall be a pound built near unto Robert. Fishes shop of two rods square to be built with good posts and a oak plank 6 feet high and the town treasurer to take care for the building of said pound and pay the charge of the same of Towne Treasurer to take care for the building of said pound and pay the charge of same of Towne Treasurer and be built all Expedicion."
At a meeting held March 21, 1697, Robert Fish was chosen pound keeper. On May 3, 1698 he was appointed from Portsmouth as a Deputy to the Governor at the General Assembly meeting at Newport. He was chosen pound keeper each year from 1705 to 1709.
At the time of Robert`s death, he was a lieutenant in the Colonial Militia.
Feb. 27, 1790 a large number of citizens met at the old Robert Fish house to consider the New Constitution of the United States of America and give instructions to the delegates at the state convention to be held at South Kingston.
Bequeathed 20s. in his father`s will, 5 pounds and a cow in his Mother`s will.

Will of Robert Fish
His will dated Dec. 12, 1728 was proved in 1730 his sons Daniel and David being named Executors.
To son Robert, 5s
To son William, land in Tiverton, RI
To daughter Alice Peck, 30 pounds andirons and Negro woman Rose at death of parents.
To wife Mary, use of south end of house garden, half of orchard, and while a widow and keep of cow, horse, swine, geese, fowls, etc. with the supply of firewood yearly, also beef, pork and Indian corn (viz: one hundred lbs each of beef and 10 bushels of corn yearly). To her as a free gift a horse, cow and household stuff.
To son Daniel, Negro boy Jo.
To son David, Negro boy Tony together with all the rest of my smith-working tools, watchhouse, orchard, etc. and at death of their mother they to have full paying legacies.
To son Jonathan, land in Portsmouth.
He directs that his burial place be fenced about and cared for and used "for my dear relatives".

The will of the widow Mary was dated April 28, 1735 and proved June 11, 1735. The sons Daniel and David were named executors of this will also.
To son Robert, great biblew, a case of bottles, and one half of the old pewter plates with a little table.
To daughter Mary Dexter, a dozen pewter plates, a great looking glass, half wearing apparel, etc.
To son William, a cow, silver cup, red chest, etc.
To Jonathan, a mare, brown chest, great chair and the biggest tankard.
To daughter Alice Peck, bed chest, pewter platters, a spicer mortar, little trundle bed, half wearing apparel, etc.
To son Daniel, great chest commonly called "Father`s chest", silver spoon, great cupboard and desk that was my fathers, silver spoon with my "name at large thereon" wollen wheel, etc.
To granddaughter Mary, daughter of William pair of iron dogs, frying pan, box iron and heater, etc.
To two daughters the rest of the estate equally except Negro womans bed and bedding.
Inventory 160 pounds, 3 s.

By the will it is apparent that Robert owned at least three Negro slaves at the time of his death. Slavery "as well as the institution of indenture" was in the early 18th century as common in the north as in the south.

Lt. Robert FISH
ABT 1665 - 1730
Thomas FISH
JAN 1618 - DEC 1687
Mary Sherman SOULE
ABT 1624 - BEF 12 JUL 1699

Robert FISH
12 AUG 1593 - 20 DEC 1639
6 NOV 1597 -

Thomas FISH
15 AUG 1570 -

1555 - 19 FEB 1622
1555 - 28 APR 1630


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