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Asa B. SMITH,  

Born: 1798 in Otsego Co. NY
Died: 28 OCT 1867 in Rushford, Allegany, NY
Age: 69 years
Buried: 1867 in Bellville Cemetery, Allegany, NY
   Born    Married    Died
Children with Betsy ROSE
James SMITH Born: Died:
Daniel SMITH Born: 1821 Died:
Mary D SMITH Born: 1825 Died: 3 OCT 1877
Nelson David SMITH Born: 1827
Farmersville, Cattaraugus, NY
Died: 27 JAN 1911
Farmersville, Cattaraugus, NY
Orisa A SMITH Born: JUL 1829
Otsego Co. NY
Died: 10 MAR 1887
Rushford, Allegany, NY
Erastus SMITH Born: 1836
Dayton, Cattaraugus Co. NY
Harrison W SMITH Born: 1841
Rushford, Allegany, NY
Died: 25 MAR 1865
Hatcher`s Run, VA
Charles SMITH Born: 1848 Died:
William SMITH Born: 1856 Died:
Laura E SMITH Born: 1838
Rushford, Allegany, NY
Died: 9 NOV 1906
Cuba, Alle Co NY or Friendship
Electa SMITH Born: 25 FEB 1822 Died:
Notes: Buried Bellville Cem. Evidence says he may have been a bookkeeper,
and had a sister, Marshy M. born about 1807. [From Al Lee
( (]
Historical review of the Town of Lysander (Onandaga Co, NY0 by L.
Pearl Palmer, n9o pub., no date, ao9 page numbers. Looks like it was
a serialized history and printed in parts, maybe in a local paper, but
this book is printed on much better paper than newsprint)
Part22, second page. Book in baldwinsville Public Library in the Local
History Room shows that Asa Smith, listed as one who actually occupied
the land they were awarded in 1794. These were his lands:
Acers Dollars worth
Lots 63 500 500
72 500 500
81 50 50
86 500 500
This is the only entry in the book for Asa. There is a list of
pioneers still occupying their original property in 1811, and Asa is
not on it.
1798 - 28 OCT 1867


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