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Hannah COOKE  

Born: 1660
Died: 22 OCT 1736
Age: 76 years
Children with Daniel WILCOX
Abigail WILCOX Born: Died:
Daniel WILCOX Born: Died: BEF 1734
Eliphal WILCOX Born: 26 FEB 1683
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Died: 6 MAY 1747
Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Children with Enoch BRIGGS
Sarah BRIGGS Born: Died:
Abigail BRIGGS Born: Died:
Susannah BRIGGS Born: 21 SEP 1697
Portsmouth, RI
Notes: Married to Daniel WILCOX before marrying Enoch BRIGGS. Had children by first marriage, Abigail BUTTS and Daniel WILCOX, who predeceased his Mother, and his daughter, Hannah WILCOX
Her will was dated 14 Jun 1734 and proved 8 Nov 1736. Recorded in Portsmouth Council Book, Vol. III, p 148-9
Hannah COOKE
1660 - 22 OCT 1736


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