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Thomas CORNELL  

Born: 24 MAR 1594 in Saffron Walden, County Essex, England
Died: 8 FEB 1656 in Portsmouth, Newport County, RI
Age: 61 years
   Born    Died
Children with Rebecca BRIGGS
Sara CORNELL Born: 1623
Saffron Walden, Essex, England
Died: BEF 1690
Portsmouth, Newport Co RI
Ann CORNELL Born: 1624
County Essex, England
Died: AFT 1664
Thomas CORNELL Born: 21 OCT 1627
Co. Essex, England
Died: 1673
William CORNELL Born: 1628
Died: BET JUL 1628 AND APR 1629
Rebecca CORNELL Born: 31 JAN 1629
Saffron Walden, Essex,England
Died: 5 FEB 1713
Cornell`s Neck, Westchester Co. NY
Unk CORNELL Born: 1630
Essex, England
Died: 19 OCT 1632
Essex, England
Elizabeth CORNELL Born: 1 MAY 1631
Essex, England
Died: 12 JAN 1714
William CORNELL Born: 9 DEC 1632
Essex, England
Died: BEF 1722
John CORNELL Born: 6 JUN 1634 Died: 1704
Joshua CORNELL Born: 1639
Newport, RI
Died: AFT 1664
Samuel CORNELL Born: 1640
Died: 1715
Mary CORNELL Born: 1641
Died: 1643
Richard CORNELL Born: 1625
Portsmouth, Essex, England
Died: 1694
Notes: Immigrated to the colonies in 1634. Info on Thomas and Rebecca`s children from Marvin Knotts, 156 Stornoway Drive East, Columbus, Ohio 43213-2159. Telephone (614)986-0527. E-mail:
Thoomas dropped the "w" from the spelling of his name; thomas came to America 1633 with wife and most of the nine children. Bought property in Boston on Washington Street . Moved to Portsmouth, RI in 1640. To New Amsterdam in 1642 with Roger Williams and John Throckmorton. "The Indians seet upon the English who settled under Dutch rule and killed sixteen of Mr. Throckmorton`s and Mr. Cornell;s families, burned cattle and barns" says Governor Winthrop. Thomas Cornell returned to Portsmouth, secured a grant of land there in 1644 of 10o0 acres, next to land of Edward Hutchinson, son of Anne Hutchinson. this is the Original homestead. This land on which house and burial plot are situated has never been out of the family. A house in colonial style was built in 1894 by the Rev. John Cornell (writer of Cornell Genealogy) on the site of the one destroyed by fire i 1889 and somewhat on the old plan. In 1646, Thomas Cornell returned to the Dutch Colony, not to restore what had been destroyed of his property, but to acquire the third private grant in Westchester Co. It is still known as Cornell`s Neck. It was within the limits of greater New York. Some nine years later, he was driven from his property in New Netherlands by Indians and returned to his homestead in Portsmouth where he lived, died, and was buried.

On 06 Sep 1638 he was licensed to keep an Inn.
Was admitted as a freeman in 1740, and received a grant for 100 acres within the settlement of Portsmouth
24 MAR 1594 - 8 FEB 1656
ABT 1565 - 22 JUN 1631
ABT 1570 -

Humphrey CORNELL
BET 1514 AND 1543 - BET 1568 AND 1628


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