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Sarah WELLS  

Born: 1751 in Goshen, Orange Co., NY
Children with George BRIGGS
George BRIGGS Born: 29 APR 1767
Warwick, Kent Co. RI
Died: 1835
Plymouth, Chenango Co NY
Elizabeth BRIGGS Born: 23 MAR 1769
Warwick, Kent Co RI
Died: 11 OCT 1769
Warwick, Kent Co. RI
Arnold BRIGGS Born: 23 MAR 1770
Warwick Kent, RI
Died: 1859
Smyrna, Chenango Co, NY
Isaac BRIGGS Born: 20 SEP 1771
Warwick Kent Co RI
Died: 1821
South Norwich, Chenango Co. NY
Sarah BRIGGS Born: 20 JAN 1773
Warwick Kent Co RI
Died: 1839
Smyrna, Chenango, NY
Notes: Sister of John WELLS of Goshen, Orange Co, NY. Had eight children by George BRIGGS (LDS Reel 809406. Rhode Island Historical Society.
Family Records 22318-LH Briggs Family Records 87 pages.
1751 -


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