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Olive MORIE  

Born: 1771
Died: 1840
Age: 69 years
Children with Arnold BRIGGS
Giles BRIGGS Born: 1793 Died: 6 NOV 1846
Flora BRIGGS Born: 1795 Died: 1806
Myron Cyrenius BRIGGS Born: 1798
Smyrna, Chenango Co. NY
Died: 1873
Sherburne, Chenango, NY
Jason BRIGGS Born: 1802 Died: 1885
Ruth BRIGGS Born: 1805 Died: 1885
Lavina BRIGGS Born: 1809 Died: 1886
Avarana BRIGGS Born: 1814 Died: 1895
Notes: In 1870, in the town of Smithfield, Providence, RI, Richard MOWRY was 64 years old. In the 1850 family records, Richard MOWRY lodged at Arnold BRIGGS` place. Was Olive`s name MOWRY rather than MORIE? Was Richard her brother or nephew?
1771 - 1840


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