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Lafferty/Briggs Genealogy
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Adele (Dell) ROSE  

Born: 25 DEC 1860 in Lyndon Catt Co NY
Died: 21 AUG 1922 in Rushford Alle Co NY
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Children with James CHAMPLAIN
Daisy Bell CHAMPLAIN Born: 5 JAN 1889
Middlebury Wyoming Co NY
Died: 1913
Rushford Alle Co NY
Guy H. CHAMPLAIN Born: 21 MAR 1896
Wiscoy Wyoming Co NY
Died: 5 SEP 1905
Rushford Alle Co NY
Notes: Moved to Rushford area when she was seven years old. Left for a while after marriage, but returned to the area when her husband died at an early age. Both children as well as her husband died before she did, and this seemed to be too much for her. Her health deteriorated and she died.

Adele (Dell) ROSE
25 DEC 1860 - 21 AUG 1922
Henry ROSE
5 JAN 1810 - 1893
Sophia Sykes CARPENTER
- 1894

Benjamin ROSE
1750 - ABT 1840
Judith CLARK
1769 -



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